Fall AGM in Orillia

The OVMA has confirmed that our AGM will be held Tuesday, September 23th to Thursday September 25th at the Orillia Highwayman Inn, 201 Woodside Drive in Orillia. The AGM will include a field tour and banquet. The Golf Tournament will be held in the local area on Tuesday, September 23th followed by a Welcome Reception that evening at the Highwayman Inn. Presentations start the morning of September 24th and the meeting concludes in the afternoon September 25th.

Formation of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for Public Works Vegetation Management Committee.

The OVMA has established a formal committee to address the requirement for IPM certification for individuals that design and plan public works vegetation management programs under the revised Pesticide Act Regulations. The committee is currently chaired by Diane Le Houllier from CP Rail. The previous chairs were John Bowen from Hydro One Networks Inc. and Jennifer Rose from Algoma Power Inc.

The OVMA wishes to add additional members to the committee from other sectors that will be impacted by the need for IPM certification. If you are interested please forward an e-mail to Nancy Cain at ovmaoffice@gmail.com.

The OVMA is a professional organization, established in 1984, that promotes environmentally safe vegetation management for the benefit of everyone. OVMA is a non-profit organization supported by membership dues and donations. Participants in OVMA include representatives from every sector of Ontario's vegetation management industry.

Resources For Our Members

We welcome you to visit our new Web site which provides a full range of resources for our members including a full database of noxious weeds in our region, links to industry-associated organizations as well as links to various legislative sources that all our members should be aware of. 

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