Integrated Pest Management


Companies or persons holding an Industrial Vegetation Exterminators licence may apply Class 9 pesticides on public works, as defined in the legislation, only under the direction of a person certified in Integrated Pest management (IPM).

IPM certification requirements are outlined in Ontario Regulation 63/09 made under the Pesticides Act.

Information on IPM certification for the public works exception has been posted on the Ontario Ministry of Environment’s website.

Certification Program

  1. The The Integrated Pest Management Certificate Program (IPMCP) is spelled out in the IPMCP document “IPMCP Public Works – Policies and Procedures” . Please read this document and direct any questions to the IPMCP.
  2. IPMCP also posted this document as well as a number of links on their Web Site (
  3. Certification exams will be administered by University of Guelph Ridgetown College. To register please visit  Apply
  4. Study materials for public works vegetation managers are:
  5. Annual Report and Maintaining IPM Certification
    • Ontario Regulation 63/09 made under the Pesticides Act requires that an annual report is prepared covering pesticide use in the calendar year.  (report template ). The details are found in section 25 of the Regulation 63/09.
    • Everything you need to maintain your IPM Certification can be found
      on-line at: IPM Certified Applicators must obtain six (6) continuing education credits
      (CEC) per year, starting the year following successful completion of the IPM
    • The OVMA Fall Field Day and Webinar Series in September and November (respectively) offers you opportunities to collect CEC’s.
    • As well, an updated list of all educational events that offer CECs
      is posted on the Ontario website for your reference at Continuing Education Credit Opportunities
  6. How Event Organizers Can Obtain Certification